List of completed Construction Projects

UBIQUE Group works hand-in-hand with Development Agencies and Local Governments.
Concentrating its focus on the sectors of Private Sector Growth, Capacity Building and Infrastructure Development, it also features excellent access to the best and most cost effective products.

Ubique Group relies on local knowledge and support to solve problems before they happen.

Through these good relations we have managed to work in areas that others have failed.
We have successfully negotiated difficult and complex issues such as land rights and security with the many local tribes and authorities.

Air field
Qalat - Afghanistan

A1.9km long can handle all transport aircraft up to Antinov 124.
The wearing surface has been treated to a depth of six inches using CBR soil stabilizer.
Project completed even though we where attacked by the Taliban many times.



Refurbishment of all Kabul Fire Stations
Six sites including the main Ministry of Interior offices
Kabul - Afghanistan
The Complete Refurbishment of all six of the Kabul fire stations
Complete rebuild,

New Dinning facilities, Upgraded Electrical to bring them all up to code, Plumbing, wells, generators
This was a very extensive rebuild to make the buildings as new.



Air Force Barracks ( In progress )
Kabul Airport Military Wing
Kabul - Afghanistan
Construction of three KSPAN barracks buildings for the Air force trainees
Demining of site, new well, water treatment plant, Generator plant, Asphalt road



PX Upgrade
Complete Refurbishment of the Kandahar PX Shop
Construction of Renovation of the PX Shop on Kandahar Air base
Through our Sister company RBS ( Retail Business Support ) we flew in a one our teams of expat store fitters, to complete the refit to European standards



Spin Boldak - Afghanistan
Construction of a camp in Spin Boldak



Hotel & Housing
South Sudan Rock City Development Project
Juba. Sudan
Design build manage of the complete development project. Phase 1

Construction of 144 room hotel
Consisting of 24 six bedroom villas all en suite, reception, offices, leisure centre with restaurant, swimming pools, and casino & gym facilities.
The complex also has its own bank and shopping centre.
Ubique group is also an investor in this the largest construction project in South Sudan.
This is an ongoing project which is expected to be completed by the end of 2010
Phase 2 to be started soon will consist of 120 apartments and golf course and club.

Ubique Group and our Local partner Solomon Chaplin have also started a large scale farming project. Consisting of 60,000 acres

The first 10,000 acres have been granted and planting has started